Christ is Contingency

  But what a relief it can be to befriend contingency, to meet God right here in the havoc of chance, to feel enduring love like a stroke of pure luck. — Christian Wiman in My Bright Abyss              I’ll never forget my first terrifying encounter of...

Silence Haunted: The Beginning of the Grieving Process

The experience of being silence-haunted is part and parcel with the end of love – it is part of the price that brave souls pay for having loved and lost. Over time, this too shall pass. It is painful but also a testament to your ability to truly love someone. Whether you are grieving the loss of your spouse through divorce or death, the truth is that the terrain of grief, while well traveled, is also one that you must travel in your own way and your own time. Having taken that road, through the silence-haunted early days of grief, you will find new vistas that lie before you – waiting to be discovered.

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