The History of Relationship Visions


RV-22Conveniently located in San Juan Capistrano, Relationship Visions is a place for those who need someone to talk to and help them understand their life. With a focus on spirituality, and emphasis on how family affect us, Relationship Visions is here for your individual and family needs.


For those who have experienced a divorce and want to learn  how you can grow emotionally, relationally and spiritually  click on  The Grace Filled Divorce tab where you can read Dr. Bacon’s blog and ask questions or share your comments.

Relationship University offers online workshops on a variety of topics, including addiction, divorce, parenting and couples.  We also host a YouTube channel offering talks on topics related to improving relationships.


RV-05Ronald A.Bacon MSM, MFT, M Div

Ron holds Master’s degrees in the Science of Management, Divinity and Marriage and Family Counseling. He combines these to provide clients with results-oriented counseling and the comfort that spirituality brings.



RV-03Melody Bacon, Ph.D.

Dr. Bacon’s work as a psychologist is the result of a life-long interest in looking beyond the surface of life. Her education in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute emphasized the need to examine life on a variety of levels – emotional, relational, and spiritual.

She is the author of –The Grace Filled Divorce: Allow God to redeem your pain for the greater good – that is designed to assist individuals in redeeming the grief of divorce by opening up to the opportunity it presents for personal and spiritual growth and transformation.

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