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Happily Married After book and dvd cover: relationship building tools.Relationship Visions is proud to offer our clients the following relationship building tools. Our Happily Ever After Workbook is  an extension of our very successful series of workshops. To order one of our products simply send us an email and we will contact you with ordering instructions.

Happily Married After Workbook
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The Grace Filled Divorce cover: relationship building toolsThe Grace Filled Divorce: Allow God to redeem your pain for the greater good

What do you do when it happens to you? As a Christian believer, how can you walk through the valley of divorce and emerge better and not bitter? Dr. Melody Bacon shows you how to open yourself up to God’s grace, to allow it flow into and through you so that the confusion and pain you are experiencing can be transformed it into a deeper relationship with God, yourself and others.

It’s time… Allow God to redeem your pain for the greater good.
It’s a new day… full of grace

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Relationship University

  • Online courses designed to help you improve your relationships:
  • Assists you in learning to respond to relationship challenges successfully
  • YouTube channel to support you (below)
  • Online blog with information for handling relationship challenges

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