Do you have a loved one struggling with addiction?

Do you find yourself up at night worrying about your loved one’s safety?

Have you run out of time, energy, and ideas?

The Family Matters Program will help you take your family from:

Chaos to Calm

Confusion to Clarity

Anxious reactions to loving responses

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Conveniently located in San Juan Capistrano, Relationship Visions is a place for those who need someone to talk to and help them understand their life. With a focus on spirituality and emphasis on how family affects us, Relationship Visions is here for your individual and family needs.

Ask yourself…

Are there times when it seems as though your talks never go anywhere?

Do you feel as though no matter what you do, you can never make your spouse happy?

Do you feel like you’re living with a roommate, instead of a passionate partner?

Does it seem like your friends’ marriages work better than yours?

You are not alone. At Relationship Visions, we specialize in helping people who sometimes struggle in their marriages. Our unique approach is designed to help people like you create a marriage this is fulfilling and rewarding.


Confidential Results – Orientated Counseling

  • Individuals, couples and families

  • Family conflict

  • Marriage tune-up

  • Parenting

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief and loss

  • Stress

  • Alcoholism and addiction

  • Disability

  • Life enhancement

The Grace Filled Divorce

When I first began to research the topic of grief in divorce, I never expected to find evidence of God’s grace so prevalent in the stories I heard from the women I interviewed. Though they were sharing intimate details of confusion, pain and sorrow, I realized that God had consistently shown up.

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When A Millennial Returns: Tips for How to Make Multigenerational Living Work for Your Family

A marital and family therapy expert from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology shares advice from over fifteen years in private practice about how several generations can live together in harmony. Melody Bacon, Ph.D. Dr. Melody Bacon is an author and licensed...

Standing in Life’s Doorway: Finding Our Islands Far From Home

Like Magellan, let us find our islands To die in, far from home, from anywhere Familiar.  Let us risk the wildest places, Lest we go down in comfort and despair.    -- Mary Oliver               I’ve never been one to accept loss with equanimity, though I often wish I...

The Tenuous, Precarious Nature of Faith

To say that one must live with uncertainty doesn’t begin to get at the tenuous, precarious nature of faith.  The minute you begin to speak with certitude about God, he is gone. --Christian Wyman in “My Bright Abyss”             Years ago a friend of mine once told me...

Embrace the Future: The Empty Space Before the Open Door

  One is afraid. Naturally. Who is not afraid of pure space--- that breath-taking empty space of an open door?” --Anne Morrow Lindbergh in Gift from the Sea               Once or twice a week, I take the train to Los Angeles.  It is a relaxing counterpart to the...

Christ is Contingency

  But what a relief it can be to befriend contingency, to meet God right here in the havoc of chance, to feel enduring love like a stroke of pure luck. -- Christian Wiman in My Bright Abyss              I’ll never forget my first terrifying encounter of God.  I...

Dr. Melody Bacon Interview on “The Grace Filled Divorce”

http://www.skidrowstudios.com/psych1on1/2013-04-24/20410/psych-1-on-1-dr-melody-bacon Check out this one-hour long Dr. Melody Bacon interview.  In it, she discusses "The Grace Filled Divorce", relationships, and more!

The Empty Choiceless Terrain of Grief

Grief can leave you gifts after the pain has departed.

Dealing With Regret: “I Really Should Have (Shouldn’t Have)”

Essentially most people – in an effort to disguise their internal struggles – will say “I’m over it” when they really aren’t – they wish they were over it – they wish it didn’t bother them, but it does.

Book Signing and Presentation on April 10th – 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Join us at Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point (on PCH at Golden Lantern) for a book signing and presentation from 6:00 – 7:30 pm! Look forward to seeing you there!

Silence Haunted: The Beginning of the Grieving Process

The experience of being silence-haunted is part and parcel with the end of love – it is part of the price that brave souls pay for having loved and lost. Over time, this too shall pass. It is painful but also a testament to your ability to truly love someone. Whether you are grieving the loss of your spouse through divorce or death, the truth is that the terrain of grief, while well traveled, is also one that you must travel in your own way and your own time. Having taken that road, through the silence-haunted early days of grief, you will find new vistas that lie before you – waiting to be discovered.

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