As I had struggled through the demise of my marriage, and as I had struggled to define for myself the meaning of spiritual faith, I had mistakenly regarded them as separate issues.”

David Brill in A Separate Place.

The last thing people thing of when they hear the word “divorce” is grace.  Somehow divorce has become one of those experiences that seems to fall outside of God’s redemption.  As a result, those who go through a divorce are often marginalized, enduring this most difficult and sorrowful experience alone. We find it difficult to find forgiveness in divorce.  But God’s grace is most needed during such times as these.  In our darkest hours, when we are filled with grief, shame, anger, guilt and confusion, the hope of God’s redemption is the light at the end of the tunnel.  But God’s grace requires receptivity – it requires a willingness to lay aside pride and anger and a desire for revenge.  In short, God’s redemptive Grace requires our willingness to forgive.  This is what author, David Brill discovered in his journey from grief to transformation during his divorce.  Ultimately, it was his decision to forgive his ex-wife – and to ask for forgiveness himself – that the redemptive grace of God was allowed to work its good work in his life and the lives of those he loved.

This is the promise of a Grace-filled Divorce.   In allowing God to redeem your suffering for your good and the good of others, even a painful, messy and gut-wrenching experience like divorce can become a vessel for God’s grace.

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